Carlile Timberghost Camouflage Fabric

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Timberghost Camouflage

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Product Description

Kevin Carlile’s TimberGhost camouflage. Have you ever seen something slither between the trees at dusk but could not make out what it was? It did not break up its image it blended in so well It was a part of the landscape.

Timberghost has that effect. It does not break up like other camos nor does it blotch up against trees. It is a tree!!!!!!! TIMBERGHOST, though, becomes the tree. With your back against a tree or sitting between two trees or even in a blind or tree stand one does not have to worry about what is in the back ground! You are the image, you are the tree.

  • Cotton polyester blend, soft, quiet, water resistant
  • Hard to find, out of print
  • Suitable for hunting apparel, back packs, rifle cases
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • 60″ wide


Technical Details

Weight 1.0 lbs


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