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Posts from "March 2015"

It has been lots of fun – and frustrating – building my own website! I have learned a lot that I didn’t know. Such things as CSS,php, htaccess files, website security, email marketing, affiliate marketing, back-ups, uploads, downloads, SEO, and on and on. I only blew it up twice last week messing with code but luckily I have good support with f5 Themes and Startlogic. This week, I think I will stop tweaking the site and let it be for awhile. I am going to just concentrate on adding fabric since, after all, I do have a whole building full of it.

God is giving us rain today which is sorely needed in this part of the country. My lilacs, tulips, even the apricot trees are growing and blooming. Spring is the best time of the year!!

Every year the Lions Club in Holbrook, NE has a huge auction. This year it is earlier than I remember – we missed it last year. But it is a whole day with many auction rings going on. I think I will go. There are many treasures to be found there. I miss the auctions in the winter but I guess that Spring is truly coming.

I am disappointed that there haven’t been any good auctions lately. It is my source for finding good vintage fabric and feedsacks. I guess it’s just that time of year, although, the auctions last year were sort of disappointing too.

I will be starting a new project shortly. I am not sure what it will be yet. Something patchwork? Or applique? Now that I have the web kind of running the way I want it, I should have a little more time.

Your children can be so surprising sometimes. My son posted a poem on facebook that I just love and it came as a pleasant surprise to me. A poem by John Salazar:
If you focus your mind on darkness and time
It will eat at your soul and ravage your mind
So don’t dwell in the dark and may you fight the good fight
Step out of the shadows and into the light
The sunrise is near, take it as a sign
that Jesus is with you and everything’s fine
So dwell in his power and savor His might
Walk in His path and live in His sight
He has forgiven your sins and taken away mine
Never forget, He is loving and kind
The glory is His, the truth and what’s right
You have nothing to fear from darkness or night

Thank you, John, for writing this!

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