Sewing Area

I haven’t made in back to my little project as soon as I wanted.  I have been busy with the website:  got it all secure and ready to take credit cards.  Getting a merchant account is a frustrating process that we might tackle later in a blog.  I have run into a lot of integration and coding problems but it’s under control for now.  A website is kinda like a child – it needs to be tended all of the time.  A sick puppy doesn’t help, either.

We learned last time that I am a person that needs to fight continually against clutter.  I allowed my sewing area to become cluttered and so, even though I want to sew, it is so cluttered that I can’t face it.  Last time in Part I,  I de-cluttered the area around my machines.

In Part II I made it to the cabinet.  Progress!  I picked this cabinet up at an auction for a song.  It’s a nice functional cabinet with 4 good size drawers and the sewing table can be slid under the left side for a nice tidy look.  But, the top hasn’t really been seen for awhile!

after cleaning


Messy sewing space









Now, I am really beginning to believe I CAN get back to sewing. I wish I had the time, space, and money for this:


Sewing Area

Dream Sewing Area

Can’t do it – the space I use right now will eventually be re-purposed into an apartment so I don’t want to put in anything permanent – even nails in the walls.  That is why the thread organizers are sitting on top of the cabinet instead of hung on the walls.  I think a peg board would be nice there, too, for various tools and such.  But I have to use what I have.

Next on the list is the other little sewing area that is used by my mom when we get together and work on a project.  Right now it looks like this:

Not Clean Area 2

The Awful Truth

I have got to find a place for that steamer that is always in my way just in case I need it, which I rarely do.  Also – it needs a little light over there.  But it’s already got the machines.  There is a nice Pfaff embroidery machine and serger but you can’t use them now because of the clutter under the sewing desk and that ugly steamer!

So, the goal for this week is to clean and organize this area.  That will be Part III.  I am having better luck doing a little at a time rather than one overwhelming project.  If you can’t face your sewing room/area, this trick might work for you, too!

I still haven’t found my sewing scissors!  I am getting closer and closer…….