Still working on the new website. I want to get it up and running and leave ebay forever. There are too many problems to deal with there. But I am going one step at a time. I have run into a problem installing something so I am waiting for the f5 theme administrator to see what is going on. Nothing is ever plug and play like you are told. It should look beautiful when I get it all together.

I have found new and beautiful fabric – I find new stuff all of the time from the fabric shop that I bought. It was a shop in the next little town over (McDonald,KS) that had been there for years. When the guys moved all of it to it’s current location, it was all jumbled and no organization at all. I can’t say that I have gotten in organized better – I haven’t even seen some of the stuff. I need to go through the boxes of notions and buttons and thread and lace and fat quarters, and on an on. There was a lot more stuff in that little shop than I knew.

I write these posts in the hope that my potential customers will get to know me better. I really love what I do and I want to do more. Right now the posts may be a little silly but I will take you along on the journey that I have planned.